Moé Passion Mascot Sakura-chan Nendoroid

Sakura-chan is the official web mascot of my website “Moé Passion”. She appears as a clumsy 12 year old twin tailed angel who is often seen wearing a sailor outfit, various Japanese school uniforms, or Gothic Lolita dresses. Sakura-chan was initially created to give me hope and as my protector at sea. I became attached to her and have asked master artist RadiantDreamer to make her into a nendoroid. I hope you are pleased with how she came out. I think she’s adorable. :3
Sakura-chan Nendoroid Wink Version
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Random Japan Stuff

This article is actually a collection of Japan articles that I was either too lazy to make at the time or are “failed” anime pilgrimage attempts. Most of these photos and trips occurred in my final few weeks in Japan as I frantically tried to make as many articles as I could while dealing with underway time and long work hours inport during SRA (Ship’s Restricted Availability). Also, there’s some random stuff thrown in as well.
Nanoha Sparkle
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Ika Musume Anime Pilgrimage

Last night, I finished the Ika Musume anime and was surprised to see many familiar locations that I had visited when I was still stationed in Japan. Alas, I am now in Hawaii, so the days of venturing out on wild adventures to visit my favorite anime scenes are far behind me. Even so, I did have some unpublished pictures from my journeys in Kamakura to create a small tribute to the Ika Musume anime. Sadly, this article could be so much better if I was still over there. Please enjoy, gesso. ^^;
Yuigahama Beach
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Museum

It’s that time. If you have been following my twitter, you know already but this is my last day in Japan. I had previously been stationed in Yokosuka for a three year tour. Now that my time is served, it is time to move on to my next duty station in Hawaii. But before I depart, I wanted to make one last Japan photo walk for old times sake. Ironically, the place I chose was also the very first place I went when I first got here in 2007. Akihabara (Akiba for short) is my favorite district in Tokyo and I’m going to miss it especially. Please enjoy my final Japan photo article as I cover the “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha museum”, “Gundam cafe”, and other oddities that come with Japan’s Otaku paradise.
Nanoha The Movie
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White Beach Okinawa Revisited

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful shores of Okinawa once again upon mooring at White Beach; an American Naval base located north east of the capital of Naha. Like last time, my ship only stopped by for a few hours but that didn’t stop me from getting out and exploring. During my last visit, I explored Okinawa’s beautiful beaches, but this time I decided to venture deep into it’s jungles in search of the ancient burial tombs of the ancient civilization of the Ryukyu people.
Okinawa Tomb
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Ishiteji Temple

Ishiteji temple is the most curious and downright bizarre temple I have ever visited in Japan. In fact, if I saw the place when I was younger, it would have given me nightmares. ^^; The temple is located in Matsuyama city on Japan’s rural island of Shikoku and is #51 of the 88 temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Ishiteji’s peculiarities come from the use of different art styles, a series of underground tunnels, and guardians unlike anything I’ve seen before in Japan.
Ishiteji Temple Pagoda
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Matsuyama Castle

When folks ask me, “what are the best places you’ve been to while stationed in Japan?” a few places come to mind: Himeji castle, Matsumoto castle, and the stunning castle I visited today. Matsuyama castle is one of the 12 original wooden castles in Japan that survived wars, fires, and the Meiji restoration. It sits high upon Katsuyama hill in Matsuyama city, deep in Japan’s rural island known as Shikoku. Please enjoy my photowalk through one of the most beautiful places in Japan.
Matsuyama Castle Opener
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