Indiana Jones the Exhibit

Shortly after returning from North Carolina, my wife and I decided to head down to Fort Worth, Texas to check out a very enjoyable movie exhibit. It was quite a treat! Presently, in the Fort Worth museum, there is a large collection of movie props from the Indiana Jones movie series. Now, most people who know me know that I love these movies. I mean, I used to dress up as Indy when I was a kid. The Indiana Jones movies were a big influence on my life. So, when I got a chance to see the actual movie props, to say I was excited would be an understatement. Please enjoy my review of Fort Worth’s Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition.

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Linville Falls and Caverns NC

After visiting Grandfather Mountain, we decided to check out another popular North Carolina tourist attraction known as Linville Falls and Caverns. Linville Falls is a high volume, multi-tiered waterfall set at the start of Linville Gorge. Trails in the area allow different views and looks at the wild country of North Carolina. Additionally, Linville Caverns is nearby and makes for a pleasant escape from the summer heat. Please enjoy my latest article.

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Grandfather Mountain NC Revisited

Recently, we had returned to North Carolina and had decided to make the trip up Grandfather Mountain once again to see the bears. The last time we made this trip, it was during the winter in freezing winds and snow. No animals were out as it was just too darn cold. However, this time, we made the trip up during the summer which made for a much more enjoyable visit. So grab your Cheerwine, and please enjoy my 2nd write up for North Carolina’s Grandfather Mountain.

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King Tut Exhibit in Union Station KC

Hello again. Even though my travels in Hawaii are behind me, I will occasionally post articles of places that I find interesting here in the mainland. One such place was the King Tut Exhibit in Kansas City’s Union Station. Kansas City is the first American city to get this exhibit which showcases recreations of the tomb of the young Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Please enjoy my review of the King Tut Exhibit.

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Anime and Collectibles for Sale

Hi there, after some thought, I have decided to slowly sell most of my anime collection that I had purchased while in Japan for 3 years. Many items are unopened and brand new. Most of the brand new items I had purchased on Hobby Search Japan. Some items I purchased from Akihabara in Tokyo. The majority of the used items were purchased at Mandarake in Tokyo. Some items can only be found in Japan. I also have video games, Star Wars, and other merchandise that I might put up for purchase as well. All items can be found here on wilhiteslittlecorner store. My stepmom is selling them for me and is putting 1 item up per day. It’s mostly anime figures now but Dollfie Dreams and outfits will also be put up for purchase. She has good feedback, please bookmark if you are interested.

Farewell Hawaii!

Yup, it’s that time. As much as I loved living in paradise, it was time to go home. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to live in paradise for over 3 years. I’m going to miss Hawaii and the adventures I had, the comrades I made, and the weekend breakfasts with my wife’s co-workers. It was fun but it’s time to say goodbye for at least a little while. Please enjoy my final Hawaiian article and my last two days in the aloha state.

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Iliahi Ridge

Aloha everyone. With mere days before moving back to the mainland, I managed to hike one last Hawaiian trail. Iliahi Ridge is a 6 mile loop trail in the hills and forests behind Pearl City. It was a pretty trail especially with all the iliahi trees starting to bloom. Please enjoy my last Hawaiian hiking adventure for a while…

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