The Hawaiian Island of Maui Revisited

Aloha! Recently, I ventured again to the Hawaiian island of Maui to show my wife some of the many beautiful areas that the island had to offer. On my previous visit, I made a solo camping trip down the Hana Highway to ʻOheʻo Gulch and Waimoku Falls. This time, we would explore many different areas of the island including Maui’s famous volcano known as Haleakala, the scenic jungles around Iao Valley, and some whale watching around the old whaling town of Lahaina. Please enjoy our trip to Maui.
Iao Needle Cover Shot
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Maunawili Demonstration Trail

Hello again, long time no see. Recently, I took advantage of Oahu’s rainy weather and decided to complete the Maunawili Demonstration Trail. This relatively recent trail is rather unique because it does not end with the goal of reaching the Ko’olau summit line. Instead, the Maunawili Trail contours along the bottom of the pali allowing you to explore the waterfalls and gulches of Maunawili Valley. However, it is a long one so this trail is seldom traveled. Please enjoy my 10 mile waterlogged journey from Waimanalo to the Pali Lookout via the Maunawili Demonstration trail.
Maunawili Cover Shot
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers and thanks for following along so far. It’s been a wild three years in Hawaii. I had so many adventures while experiencing the beauty that the Hawaiian islands have to offer. I hope you enjoyed them. Happy holidays from Punynari’s Island Adventures!
Hawaiian Sandmen
Enjoy the good food, friends and family, and the white snow (or sand). =p


Mount Olympus to Manoa Middle Ridge

Hello again. Recently, I set out to complete another segment of my Ko’olau summit crossing from Pupukea to Makapu’u. Today’s segment is the summit section connecting Mount Olympus to Manoa Middle Ridge summit. It’s was a fun little segment which passed by native plants, a narrow rock ledge, and finished with a glimpse of a cloud draped Konahuanui. Please enjoy my latest journey from Mount Olympus to Manoa Middle Ridge.
Cover Shot
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Palehua-Palikea Photography Hike

Recently, I went with the Sierra Club to visit the Palehua Trail once again. The Palehua-Palikea Trail is one of those restricted hikes that can only be done with an organized group such as the HTMC or the Sierra Club. It’s worth the extra effort to attend though; in my opinion. Along the way, we saw panoramic views of the cloudless Ko’olaus and the sunny leeward side of the island as well as native tree snails and happy face spiders. Please enjoy some photos from our walk on the Palehua-Palikea trail.
Pearl Harbor Cover Shot
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Ka’a’awa Valley and Kualoa Ranch

Hello again. Recently, I haven’t been hiking a whole lot but I wanted to share a few of my photos and journeys over the last month or so. First up is Ka’a’awa Valley which can be accessed by visiting Kualoa Ranch and taking their tour. The first time I visited this valley, I was by myself and it was dark and rainy. This time, I went with my wife and we got to see Ka’a’awa Valley and its old WWII bunkers on a nice sunny day. Please enjoy the photos.
Ka'a'awa Valley
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Pu’u Huluhulu Trail

In my final few hours on the Big Island, my wife and I decided to take a short trail to the Pu’u Huluhulu volcanic cinder cone. It offered another look at the unique volcanic scenery of the Big Island and of the aftermath of a large eruption. Please enjoy our short walk in Hawaii Volcanos National Park.
Pu'u Huluhulu Covershot
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