WonHobby 9 Nendoroid Pics

Next up is my Nendoroid pics from the Valentines Day 2009 Wonhobby9 convention held in Akihabara. By far, the most exciting items of the show.

First is my best pic.
Nendoroid Nagi and Zange
My prayers have been answered. A Zange Nendoroid!! I must buy them both! I also would like to see a Zange/Nagi figma.

Alternate Nagi and Zangi Nendoroids
Alternate shot of the above. If you loved Kannagi as much as me, these are the stars of the convention.

Da Capo II Nendoroid
A Da Capo II Nendoroid. I’m somewhere in the second season of the second series. Where’s my Nemu Nendoroid?

Yuki Nendoroid
Like that Yuki Nendoroid. Saw some Lucky Star ones as well that I know are horribly rare but too many people and couldn’t get in. Hope none of the new Nendoroids will be exclusives.

Mini Nendoroids
Think these are called mini Nendoroids. Some of these are insanely rare. Saw the Haruhi go for over 60,000 yen on yahoo auctions.

Index Nendoroid
Index! Not sure if these are out but I would love a Index Nendoroid.

Miku Kagamin
Miku Kagamin. Should be out in May I think. There is so much stuff coming out that I want. Can’t/shouldn’t buy everything though.

Saber Lily Goodsmile Figure and Nendoroid
So….cool. The definition of cool. I want both of these bad. These are the Saber Lily from Good Smile and the new Saber Lily Nendoroid! I waited a long time to get these pics. She is quite popular. Glad they came out so well.

Close Up of Saber Lily Nendoroid
Possibly the coolest Nendoroid yet. Not the best though, I like the Kannagi ones more.

I’ll try for one more update if I can. Its getting late.
I am also going to try and review 1-3 figures tomorrow. ^_^;
This is not work though. I’m enjoying every minute of this. Takes my mind off the Navy.

4 comments on “WonHobby 9 Nendoroid Pics

  1. Ayu says:

    Wonderful images <3 Adding you to my blogroll!! <3

    Ah, those Lucky Star nendoroids are actually not too rare online, especially Yahoo auctions Japan. I got all mine there within the last few month! ^^ The Haruhi petiti(mini) nendoroid auction ended at 100k yen, about 1k USD O_O

    The Index one is a petit also, and Index, Kino, Shana and Taiga are bundled with the preorder of Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus DS game. The whole thing is like 200 USD @@

  2. NHKguy says:

    Im still trying to decide between figmas and nendoroids..
    Hope they make a regular nendoroid of that Toradora! character though (whats her name?)

  3. Yaya says:

    Saber is gorgeous in both forms..and these are the best figures I’ve seen of her. Though I don’t have amount of money so I might just settle for the nendoroid version of her instead. (If I really like it after seeing the rest of the pictures.) I plan on getting the Sebastian nendoroid which is announced to be released around the summer too. Do you know when they’ll released the Saber nendoroid?

  4. punynari says:

    @Yaya: Unfortunately, I have not seen any preorders or release dates for the Saber Lily Nendoroid yet. The larger Saber Lily is due out in June so I imagine that the nendoroid version should be out then or shortly after.

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