When I first came to Japan and got familiar with the train system, I really wanted to go to Kyoto, the ancient former capital of Japan. Sailors warned me that it is not like Kamakura. Everything is not easily reachable by train. Boy were they right! Most of the time, I found myself walking and running into places to see or using taxis. But, it is worth a visit if your in Japan. I still prefer Kamakura but Kyoto is a beautiful place that requires a bit more effort (and more yen).
Fushimi Inari

This is from the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. This was the shrine that was featured in an episode of Aria but even if it wasn’t. This place is the coolest place in Kyoto. I want to go back and try to make it to the top. When me and my brother went, it was over 100 degrees with heavy humidity. We made it about half way.
Inari Shrine 2
This place is basically the head Inari Shrine of Japan and has hundreds of tori going up a mountain (with lots of stairs). It was peaceful but sometimes joggers would go through (in that heat?).
This is a kitsune. Apparently they like Kitsune Udon. I brought some of that on an underway once. Better then ship food.
Pure Water Temple
These pics were taken from when I first revisited Kyoto. This is the Pure Water Temple or Kiyomizudera. This is the enterance of the temple where school girls got in the way of my shot. :p
Look Out
Looking out at the massive city of Kyoto from the temple.
Pure Water Temple 2
This place had similar coloring to the Inari shrine. Beautiful place.
I love this shot because it looks like a pagoda is in a sea of clouds. I’m starting to sound like Akari from Aria. ^_^; No more cheesy lines.
Stage of Kiyomizudera
The stage of Kiyomizudera. They say “to jump off the stage of Kiyomizudera” when you begin something big. Apparently, some folks did jump off and survive. ^_^;
Heard its a good thing to drink the water at Pure Water Temple. Hope its purified somehow. I didn’t test it.
Another thing I wanted to see in Kyoto was the old cobblestone streets. I went early in the morning before all the tour buses swarmed the place. In this pic, an elderly couple slowly makes their way down the stairs into old Kyoto.
Old Streets of Kyoto Extra
People seemed to come out of the woodwork at times. ^^;
Old Streets of Kyoto
Darn telephone poles. Kyoto really is a mix of old and new. There’s even vending machines hidden in these old streets.
Old Streets of Kyoto 2
I was so fortunate to have so little tourists in my shots. In Takayama, it was hard to get shots like this…
Ryozen Kannon
On my walk, I stopped to visit the Ryozen Kannon statue which is dedicated to the unknown Japanese soldiers who died in WWII. It was one of the largest statues I’ve ever seen…
Fall Colors Kyoto
I continued to walk with no particular direction in western Kyoto. Love the fall colors. They still survived even though it was almost winter at the time.
Temple 1
Temple 2
On the way, I stopped at the beautiful Japanese temple which is famous for it’s “sand garden”.
Sand Garden
Here is the beautiful sand garden. Yes, gardens out of sand can be worth looking at too. Wonder how they upkeep it?
Bamboo Forest
A bamboo forest in Kyoto. So cool, but I really only seem to see bamboo in the country side mountains in Japan.
Traditional Wedding
A traditional wedding in Kyoto. Sometimes I get lucky when visiting shrines and get to see some of the traditions that go on there…
Golden Pavilion
Love this pic and its my current background. Love how the image is mirrored in the water. This is the Golden Pavilion or Kinkakuji. There’s a silver one that, to my knowledge, is still being renovated and is covered in scaffolding.
Golden Phoenix
The golden phoenix.
Alternate Golden Pavilion Shot
An alternate shot from a slightly different position.

Okay, usually here I give directions but I had no idea what I was doing for the most part. I just got on Kyoto’s subway at Kyoto station and got off at Gojo and then started walking towards the mountains. I used taxis quite a bit here.

I have another update in the works (Xenosaga related). Would put it up now but I forgot my camera usb on the barge.

2 comments on “Kyoto

  1. Adun says:

    I absolutely loved the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Unfortunately I never made it to the top but my mates did. There’s a temple at the top and you can buy a small torii gate where they write your name and date on it. Definitely going to make it to the top next time.

  2. punynari says:

    Additional images added to my old Kyoto article marking my first and second visits to the former capital of Japan..

    This article is actually so old that it was originally written on my former Myspace before it was abandoned. ^^; Hope you enjoy. (:

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