Suiginto SD, First Taiyaki, and Yokosuka Sakura

This is a mixture article of stuff I thought might interest some folks but also some sakura shots I took in Yokosuka.

First up is a pic of my most wanted merchandise before I return home (for good) from Japan. I hope to buy her after a major underway because she is over 200,000 yen! She is Suiginto, my favorite character from the anime series Rozen Maiden. This would also be my first super dollfie. Pic taken at Mandarake even though its against the rules. I like how they choose the blue roses as opposed to the OVA red roses she had. Dang, hope I run into her again later on…

Suiginto SD

One of my goals before I left Japan was to try Taiyaki at least once. I am a major fan of Kanon and was very curious as to how the treats that Ayu loved so much tasted. I found a VERY good shop that is on the shopping road that starts outside Kamakura station. This is a pic of them pouring the waffle batter and adding azuki beans. Taiyaki are filled with many different kinds of filling but the kind Ayu bought were always azuki ones.

Taiyaki 1

This store had many different flavors. The most popular were the azuki bean ones but also the “sakura” flavored ones. The sakura ones were hard to describe the taste. They had some kind of leaf in them too.

Taiyaki 2
Taiyaki taste pretty much like waffle jelly donuts. That’s the only way I can describe them.

Choco Taiyaki

They even had chocolate flavored Taiyaki. Haven’t got to try that kind yet.

More Taiyaki

Dang, I want one of these now. They are really hot too. You can burn yourself if your not careful.

Yokosuka Figure Shoot Location

On to a few Yokosuka cherry blossom shots. This is where I did all those figure reviews the other day. Right outside the barracks room of all the people I work with. ^_^; I got some fame by doing that but also some folks that saw my pics were inspired to get off World of Warcraft and go see some sakura. ^_^

Verny Park 1

This was taken at Verny Park in Yokosuka. Verny Park allows folks fresh out of JR Yokosuka station to take a look at the ships and subs (from a distance).

Yokosuka Building

That building in the background is the tallest in Yokosuka. Kind of like our Landmark Tower.

Verny Park 3

It’s a nice park for photography. Wouldn’t do a figure shoot here though or anything though. ^_^;

Yokosuka Base Sakura
Here’s a shot of sakura in the Yokosuka Navy base park. I took this on the way to mail my Sheryl Macross figures home.

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