June Progress on RX78 Life Sized Gundam

Was fortunate enough to have a brief port visit just long enough to check the progress of the life sized RX-78 Gundam the Japanese are building in Odaiba Tokyo. It’s coming along nicely with the legs, waist, and arms finished. Also, the chest is now visible and the feet are now completed. Going to see this again; it is very rare that I am actually excited about something. Seeing all these completed parts. Something I will never forget.
June Overview Shot

Legs 1
Legs 2
Legs 3
Legs 4
The weather cooperated nicely today. Perfect weather for this shoot. As you can see, the waist is completed. During this shoot, I met Blogger Tim Arai. Rather he recognized me from my blog. ^_^; This is the second time I ran into a blogger on one of my Otaku antics but the first time that someone recognized me by appearance. He thanked me for posting directions to this Gundam so I will do so again in this article at the end. ^_^
Waist Close 1
Waist Close 2
Waist Close 3
This thing looks so sweet! I can easily see people coming to Japan just to see this Gundam when it is completed. I hope its still there when we get back…
Gundam Feet
Here is as close to seeing the completed Gundam feet as I could. You can’t really see it in the photo but the bottoms of the feet are now painted red.
Gundam Arms 1
The arms are now completed! What you can see written on them is too cool. ^_^
Gundam Arms 2
Earth Federation Space Force
Gundam Arms 3
SCV-70 White Base
Gundam Chest 1
Gundam Chest 2
Gundam Chest 3
A few of the chest. You can actually go inside the chest at present because they are working on all of the mechanics inside. Most of it was covered with a tarp to protect the parts from rust. Still haven’t seen the head of the Gundam. Hopefully I will some day…

To get to the Odaiba Gundam, take the Yamanote line (Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya are all on this line). Head to Shimbashi.

At Shimbashi, follow the signs to the Yurikamome Line. The Yurikamome Line is in a separate station from the JR Shimbashi station.

At Daiba station, take the north exit. Look for the statue of liberty. The statue’s right points the direction towards the Gundam (or your left when looking at it). There are some stairs that go down to ground level. Just head that direction. The Gundam is located in North Shiokaze Park (by the waterfront in the grass). It’s so tall now that you can’t miss it.

Previous article here.

4 comments on “June Progress on RX78 Life Sized Gundam

  1. Jamaipanese says:

    amazing, can’t wait to see you pictures of the Gundam when it is completed!

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks so much for the photos! I’m totally in awe. Seriously. It has been so cool to see the progression. “Tobe Gundam”!! Hope you get to go back!

    Take care,


  3. Zoheb Ahmad says:

    really cool photos man. thanks and keep the updates coming!

  4. CMWilly says:

    Can’t wait to see it finished! I’m highly considering to fly to Japan to see it. I just wished it wasn’t exhibited for such a short time…ToT

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