Assembled Life Sized RX78 Gundam Part 1

Today was my final day before leaving Japan for ages. Was let off work early to get last minute things done. I decided to make another trip to Odaiba, an over an hour and a half trip from Yokosuka, to check the progress on the life sized RX-78 Gundam from the original Gundam series that I have been covering since May. I just updated on Sunday. Almost didn’t go. I mean, how much progress can they have made in just 2 days? LOTS.
Gundam Head Close

Gundam Head Side 1
Gundam Head Side 2
I can not describe the feeling of seeing this. I was completely not expecting it. I was seated on the way over on the train in a place where I couldn’t really see out the window. So turning the corner and seeing the chest, then the arms, and…the head!! They completed it. THE day, before I leave, never to see it again (possibly). How lucky is that! I couldn’t believe it.
Gundam Neck 1
Easily the most cool thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If you can, at all, you MUST go see this in person before they take it down on the 31st of August. I pray that they are just moving it and not dismantling it because this could be a modern wonder of the world. Seriously, its that realistic.
Gundam Neck 2
The amount of detail is incredible. I read somewhere that they are making a model/figure to sell of this Odaiba Gundam. If it has the same quality as the real thing, you better believe I will be buying one when I get back. This is going to be a photo intensive article (understandably). I’m going to break it in to 2 parts to make them easier to load.
Gundam Full Shot 1
This shoot was a bit embarrassing because the construction workers were looking at me and taking pics of me while I was doing a massive photo shoot. I was there for a while after all and took and insane amount of photos.
Gundam Full Shot 2
A quick note real quick. Feel free to download and repost these pics on your sites and forums. All I ask is that you please link back to my site and give credit where credit is due.
Gundam Full Shot 3
More 1/1 scale Gundam awesomeness in part 2.
Part 2 of Assembled Gundam Coverage

A final visit to the Gundam, 2 days before it was taken down.
Final Visit to the Odaiba Gundam

92 comments on “Assembled Life Sized RX78 Gundam Part 1

  1. Quazacolt says:

    Awesome man, cant wait for part 2! Will also be taking some of your pics and then linking back to you ^^

    sadly i couldn’t amass enough money for myself to go there in person. Would’ve love to see the first life sized gundam RX-78 in person myself >_<

  2. mkuain says:

    Dude could I borrow some of the pictures? Gonna do some blog post.

    I will of course host them on my blog and give you the credit.

  3. starboykb says:

    OMG, I wish i was there….

  4. sora says:

    awesome man! you’re destined to meet up with rx-78, otsukare!

  5. punynari says:

    Sure thing mkuain. Douzo. ^_^

  6. pus2meong says:

    Dude, can I borrow your pics too? Of course, I will host it in my blog and give you the credit along with link to your post.

  7. craigyip says:

    That is mega impressive!!! I want one!!

  8. Johns says:

    I’m gonna go there tomorrow and take few pics and video of it. Hope the weather is good enough for it :-/

  9. Jeeg says:

    I wait all my life to see something like this.
    You are a lucky man to see it from real!
    I’m very envy :-P

    Can you post one or two photographs at original resolution?

  10. von says:

    this is really awesome!!!! could I borrow some pic??? ill give you the credits… and I will link your page/blog post from my blog post thankies

  11. Sleepless Snowman says:

    OMG. That’s totally awesome! I was in Japan (Yokosuka and Sasebo) back in 2003 and spent three months there. I totally know what you mean when you say “crazy 7th fleet” LOL! The photos are great and thank-you so much for sharing them with all of us that cannot be there.

    Go iron gator! ;-)

  12. Pyoro says:

    now all it needs is a beam rifle and a shield ^^
    i am always surprised at what life has in store for us down the road, and boy am i glad you decided to take that last trip back there.

  13. Chickenwuss says:

    Wow…..that’s all i can say.

  14. Mike Abundo says:

    Now all we need is a Newtype kid to fall into the cockpit.

  15. razrig says:

    AWESOME!!!… i really wish i can see it in person~~~ NICE picture bro!!! ^^

  16. razrig says:

    Bro borrow 2 of ur pic & credit it to ur site ^^ Thanks!!!! ^^

  17. CMWilly says:

    oh my god! i think an emergency trip is in order….

  18. Quen says:

    We posted this over on Sankaku:

    Lovely photos punyari, shame that the weather conditions made the day so ugly.

  19. saintneko says:

    Today it’s just a toy. Tomorrow, they’ll build an actual robot like this and when they’re taking over the world in them… it’ll be fracking awesome! The rest of the world will be too busy going @.@ to fight back and then we’ll have anime on TV and sushi and udon everywhere and we’ll be like “Why didn’t we let them win dub-dub-deuce??? We coulda had this last century!”

  20. RadishTM says:

    I’m in awe, brilliant photos!

  21. Timothy2035 says:

    Meh, they wasted time and resources building that. They should have built a life size model of the SDF-1 Macross, that way people could have lived in it and actually call it Macross Town or something. LOL! LOL! (just a joke, its cool they made the Gundam)

  22. peyeyo says:

    conchetumare que se ve lindo wnnnnn ^^

  23. mikumin says:

    Thanks for taking these pictures!
    This truly is a sight to see.

  24. ksolaris says:

    Hi! We reposted this over at –> Awesome photos! Wish we could see it for real! Hehe! ^_____^

  25. Andoryu says:

    Very cool. Thanks for going through all of that to get these great pictures. I am going to have to check this out.

  26. CC says:

    Nice photos and a nice Gundam :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  27. No offense says:

    Really need a wider angle to give a sense of scale.

  28. Zbo says:

    I want to see that huge Gundam in person :O

  29. kodomut says:

    Maybe if you told them you were the pilot, they would have let you go closer!! ^^

  30. Taiki says:

    Absolutely awesome. Now if only it could actually walk. X3

  31. I saw this entry under “Hawt Post” feature and went “Oh hey! It’s punynari!” Here’s the screenshot:

    This is freaking awesome. I sent this entry to my friends and they’re stunned xD

  32. Erizia says:


  33. hagiblog says:

    That is the single most awesome thing I have ever seen. If only I could fit that in my own house! HAHA!

  34. nomessages says:

    That is amazing. How cool.

  35. pathological_student says:

    wow…….i wish i was there to see it…

    could I bring it home? hahaha!

  36. adjustBOX says:

    Now that they’ve finished a full scale version of RX-78, let’s see they build one of Strike Gundam.

  37. arthurykit says:

    Simply amazing… I would love to see this in real life.

  38. drshoggoth says:

    This is the grandest thing of all things that are.

  39. fifaifo says:

    This is the coolest s*** evar!!!!!!!!! Only in Japan………..

  40. visionsofsomething says:

    Wow. Just…wow

  41. lk6 says:

    Awesome. I’ll definately save the photos.

    You, sir, are a very lucky man.

  42. Paliodor says:

    Nice pics Punynari, if you have nothing against it I will use few of them in my post. I hope that when I visit Japan in next year this statue will be still available to see ^^.

  43. masliliks says:


    please, don’t make me think about other words

  44. dans says:

    thanks for the information. I went today to take photos of it too. ^^

  45. Mr. Together says:

    looks pretty fuckin epic

  46. dailyloltube says:

    hahah its cool i posted a video about gundams the other day on my site.

  47. africanraingod says:

    thank you. I will not be able to go see it but this is the most awesome thing I believe I have ever seen. Please let me know if it is moved and to where

  48. johnintardis says:

    Hey hey if they can build this do we get giant young girls in skimpy costumes to fight with them and giant tentacle monsters too LOL

  49. prfx says:

    Very cool of you to post this and allow reposts…..
    Over the past month I have been getting random updates via different blog subscriptions on this project and it is cool to finally see the completed Gundam…. <3 it…
    Thanks for the scoop. And thanks for allowing reposts…. mine is at:
    Suggestion: get a creative commons license!!! check out mine in the sidebar on the main page. it is a simple way to designate non-commercial status and free sharing with attribution…
    Domo arigato dude.

  50. RandomMamal says:

    awesome, Awesome AWESOME! ^u^
    thanks for sharing!

  51. johnintardis says:

    But what happens if you get really bad weather or storms? would it blow over/

  52. Thirty says:

    Just got back from seeing the RX-78 Odaiba Gundam at night! Truly breathtaking It is lit up so well. They had the chest steam venting working tonight. Was great.

    Love the crane operators they have there doing work.

    Someone showed me a pic with an Amaro Rei actor tonight, don’t know if it was offical fan service or just a cos player.

    Don’t miss it if you can !!!

  53. punynari says:

    @pus2meong,razrig,Paliodor: Please do.

    @Jeeg: All my images on my site are high resolution and unwatermarked. To get to the high res pic: just right click and go to properites. Copy the link in another window and wallpaper quality image awaits.

    @aqua, Thirty: Wow! They are really hauling ass on completing this Gundam. Didn’t think they would have functioning movements and effects so quickly. I can’t view that video though on the ship do to restricitons but I would love to see it in person. Unless they extend the Gundam display past August, not too likely though…

  54. Thirty says:

    Check out one of my night time pics :


  55. NuShrike says:

    How long will it be up?

  56. Exorc1st says:

    i think year 3000 will have true gundams for war.. :P

  57. DssBlog says:

    i love gundam so much. hey, i borrow some of ur pictures.. i want to post it in my blog. i will link it back to you. waa! seriously, i want go to japan!! hehe.

  58. punynari says:

    More light up pics over on Dannychoo’s site courtesy of Pink Tentacle. The sunset pic looks like its straight off of Evangelion.

    @NuShrike: The Gundam will be on display till August 31st in Odaiba, Japan. The construction wall should be removed on July 11th for sure.
    Source here:

    I read on one of the sites that linked to my article that the Gundam will be shown at “various parts around the world” after it’s August 31st departure from Japan. I am trying to find more information on that now such as to where it might be visiting as well as where it’s final display location might be…
    Source here:

  59. Rodz says:

    Man, you are very lucky. I wish I was there too. It looks amazing!

  60. zayzayem says:

    Where is this in relation to the miniature statue of liberty down there on the beach?

    Imagine if they both sprung to life!

    • punynari says:

      About a 5 minute walk to the left along the beach. Can’t see the statue of liberty from where the Gundam is though.

      • zayzayem says:

        Ah. Too bad. Would be awesome if you get a shot where it looks like the Gundam has been deployed to fight the Statue of Liberty away (or vice versa).

  61. Cassie says:

    WoW! That’s interesting, and pretty spiffy. But kind of scary at the same time..

  62. Anonymous says:

    Is it posable? 0.o

  63. naodin says:

    wow.. you’re so lucky man…. I want to see the real one too…

    thanks for sharing them…

  64. B-Mecha says:

    hi punyari, this is sooooo cool!! i wish i can be there to embrace the holy mecha xD.

    Thank you for your photo and allow me to repost it. I reposted the photo at my blog and added a link back to this page.

  65. xela tagerbaf says:

    if they can make 1 like that then makin 1 that moves aint 2 far off

    btw why the HELL r they gonna take it down/?????????????

  66. ofrancepris says:

    I was upload this gundam photos.

  67. SuicidalJovy says:

    Hey! It’s like wow!
    But can I ask you just one question?
    How did you took the 1st picture?
    Are you in a building or somewhere high so you’re able to get a face to face shoot with this robot?
    How did you do that? O_O
    (Sorry for my poor english)

    • punynari says:

      Sometimes I stood on things to elevate my height but nothing extreme. I didn’t climb trees like I saw some folks doing. I mostly just relied on my camaras zoom ability though I admit, they look like they were taken from a 3 story building or something. Don’t know how that happened. Probably just got lucky.

      • SuicidalJovy says:

        I see. Nice angle. I guess you’re an angel in disguise. ^^
        Kidding aside. Thanks, actually, I show those pictures to my 2 lil brothers and they’re like –/> O_O.
        Again, thanks for the upload. Such a nice view. =)

  68. joane says:

    hello! i just couldn’t help but grab one of your photos… and repost it to my site. this is really a cool one. i am definitely going to see that one.

    thank you for sharing your photos here.. :)

  69. Calvin says:

    Could it be Japan’s response to N.Korea’s nuclear threat? :P

  70. Piotr says:

    “Feel free to download and repost these pics on your sites and forums. All I ask is that you please link back to my site and give credit where credit is due.”

    How about licensing your stuff under CC-BY?

  71. Shibuya246 says:

    i have a set of sunset pictures that are pretty cool if you want to take a look also

    • punynari says:

      Those are awesome! And probably the most clear pics I’ve seen yet of the Gundam. The camara your using, I want one. lol

  72. Firebomber says:

    Now this is Japan MEGA STRUCTURE! I gotta vote for this on the 7 Wonder of the Worlds… lolz

  73. Calisto says:

    maybe Bandai can consider building a real mockup cockpit into it and lets many Gundam Fanatic sat inside it and taking pictures… well with payable pass and tickets of course…

    then from what they earn they can celebrate another Gundam Version anniversary and built another life size Gundam. would like to see a Zaku!!! hahah

    or my all time Favorite…. Gundam Wing Custom hanging high above the sky with its Mega Particle Beam Cannon aiming down on us!!! and thats Crazy Awesome!!!

    a standing Heavy Arm Custom with full weaponary would be totally ROCKS!!!

  74. albert kim says:

    is there any original res photos of this? saved these and applied to my 2009 macbook pro, pictures look blurry and what not.

    • punynari says:

      To get the original res image, right click the pic, go to properties and copy the tinypic link to a seperate window.

  75. ant1ph0n says:

    they took it down to make it military operational, don’t be fooled! it is a ruse!

  76. lida says:

    Hmm this is great post.

  77. Gundam Wing says:

    Lol, that’s really awesome! Great post!

  78. Wow, I didn’t heard about that up to now. Thankz!

  79. jajqo says:

    holly shit this’s amazing :D

  80. punynari says:


    Sorry about the disappearance of images on my Assembled Gundam articles.
    In the early days of my blog, I chose to use the external image host tinypic and it seems they wanted to delete all of these images for some reason.

    When I get back to homeport, I’ll try and fix these articles but until then…

    Please enjoy these more recent Gundam visits here:

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