Assembled RX78 Gundam Part 2

Now on to part 2 of my assembled RX-78 Gundam coverage. This is the life size Gundam that is being built in Odaiba, Tokyo that I have been covering since May in 2 separate articles. A link to part 1 as well as to past coverage will be at the end of this article for your convenience. Directions to the Gundam will be given again as well at the end of this article.
Gundam Hatch 1

Gundam Light
And God said, “Let there be Gundam” ^_^ Seriously though, thank you God and to the hard working Japanese for allowing me to see the completed Gundam before I am gone for 3-4 months. Thank you so much!
Me and the Gundam
Was too embarrassed to make the “V” pose in front of Kyoto animation but really, it was a victory for me to see this on the day I leave.
Odaiba Station Gundam
Now the Gundam is so large that you can see it from inside Odaiba station. It’s also very visible now on the way over on the Yurikamome line.
Gundam Backpack 1
Gundam Backpack 2
That’s quite a backpack. Looks like it could take off any minute.
Gundam Steep Drop
Whoa! Don’t fall. These brave Japanese workers would actually climb right on top of the Gundam without any kind of harnesses. It’s that solid. I half expected one to actually pilot the thing or at least make it move.
Gundam Hatch 2
Gundam Distant Shot
As you can see, the Japanese were really working VERY hard on putting the finishing touches on this life sized Gundam. I was fortunate to arrive during their break so I got some “just Gundam” photos but I was also fortunate to see the Japanese working all out to get this masterpiece done. Good job guys!
Gundam Workers
Must be really scary that high up. I know I had trouble just climbing to the mast of my ship without my hands sweating and getting all shakey.
Nice Kite
Nice kite.
Gundam Full Fin
Hope you all enjoyed my coverage of the Odaiba Gundam these past 2 months and hopefully you all can make it to Japan to see it in person as well. Truly an experience that you will never forget.

Back to part 1 of Assemble Gundam coverage.

Now, for some directions.
1.) Take the Yamanote line (Shinagawa, Tokyo, Ueno, Shibuya, and Shinjuku JR stations all are on the Yamanote line) to Shimbashi station.
2.) At JR Shimbashi station, follow signs to the Yurikamome Line. It is in a separate building.
3.) Purchase a ticket for 310 yen for Daiba station.
4.) When inside Daiba station. Take a left and look out the window. You will see it. Just get ground level and head that direction. I prefer to take the North Exit and the right stair case down. But you can also take the stairs near the statue of liberty and make a left.
5.) The Gundam is in North Shiokaze Park.

June Construction Coverage

May Construction Coverage

Edit: I have added some clear, focused good weather pics in my final Gundam article. Supposedly, the day before they start taking it down.
Goodbye Gundam article

Edit 2: The Odaiba Gundam has moved to Shizuoka. I made an article showing it’s new appearance. Also, there is a life sized Earth Space Federation Core Fighter as well…
Shizuoka Gundam and Hobby Show

111 comments on “Assembled RX78 Gundam Part 2

  1. Kat says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to Japan before this goes down, so I just want to say thank you for putting these pictures up. I find it really cool you got pictures of the workers making final adjustments. It somehow makes it more authentic. :D

  2. Dreamer says:

    They should make an Evangelion unit! That would be awesome.

  3. Vivato says:

    very nice coverage

  4. Quazacolt says:

    much thanks on the pictures. i know i wont be able to see it for myself in person, so these pictures are totally awesome for me ^^

  5. rndm says:

    It’s so amazing!=O
    I wish I am as lucky as you as I could not afford to go to Japan. =/

  6. dans says:

    Thanks for the information. I probably will go there within this week. ^^

  7. fang says:

    Thanks for the photo, thanks for the time you had spend to take the photo… for those who cannot be there… Thanks!!!!! T_T

  8. Subliminalcure says:

    the pictures are great, but I would have loved a video of the whole thing, comming from the station.

    thanks for the pictures, this is awesome.

  9. DeadlySyn says:

    Evangelion’s not as legendary (yet?) as Gundam is to the japanese.

    I just hope they won’t remove it yet, with this A(H1N1) epidemic it won’t be easy to get to Japan. I just hope they relocate it once it starts to snow.

  10. crosswithyou says:

    A big “otsukaresama deshita!” to the workers.
    I can’t wait to see this in August!!

  11. Senken says:

    Those Pictures look Great!!!
    Thank you very much

  12. razrig says:

    D@mn nice~~~ really hoping it can move ~~~ ^^

  13. meronpan says:

    beautiful. when you said they’re taking it down in august… as in, august of this year? seems like such a waste! wish i had the time/resources to plan a trip orz

  14. Mike C says:

    Awesome! I wish I could see it in real life. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics! :)

  15. Morgana says:

    Awesome! I love the picture from the train…. it looks like a real gundam is wandering near the river! I just saw this mentioned on the BBC website this afternoon (NYC time) and you are the first source for photos of the completed statue i have seen on the whole interwebs. thanks so much! I wish i could go to Japan to see it myself.

  16. Johnsan says:

    OMG. I have no words for this piece of art….. I hope some day those guys built the Strike Freedom or the Gundam 00 :)

  17. mkuain says:

    Gee.. Thanks a lot ^^

  18. Basaka says:


    I think the Eva wil be a BIT too tall… it’s skyscraper sized.

  19. archaznable says:

    Dang now I know that’s how tall the gundam will be … I think that Gundam looks like a ver.ka OYW :D It’s beautiful …

  20. Andrew B says:

    Great gundam pics!!!!

  21. Wewe says:

    Yah. 80 meters of it. :)

    Nice coverage mate. And thanks for the direction. Hoping I could see that masterpiece in person.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures as well.
    It’s incredible.

  22. eananes says:

    thanks for the coverage. odaiba is now on my travel list. :)

  23. oribar yuan says:

    love your photos! love that gundam.

    love the pics of those ‘crewmen’ all over the gundam, looks like some gundam diorama come to life!

    whats with the zeonic spy craft hovering over the gundam though, shouldnt they shoot it down?

  24. Danny Chen says:


  25. jen-chan says:

    Man! that was reaaalllyyy awesome !!! It seems that at first it was impossible to build that life sized gundam robot.. waaahhhh..

    Thanks for sharing this :)

  26. lns.lolx15 says:

    duh, i suggest just make the GUNDAM Destiny or Freedom lol

  27. lns.lolx15 says:

    Duh, I suggest u must make Freedom or Destiny

  28. willo says:

    That’s the coolest thing ever. I wish someone would build something like that here in Australia!!!

  29. Bongski says:

    uuuu… does it fly?

  30. fayx says:

    Thx for the pics !
    The gundam look so nice !
    Can imagine it moving xD

  31. SilentSmirk says:

    I can’t wait for the 1:1 Godzilla…

  32. Oh man, the picture from the station made it look like it’s moved and just rising above all the trees around it. And I actually like the pictures with the workers on it. It really show the scale of this thing. Just incredible!

  33. Macy says:

    So freaking awesome!!! What’s it made of, really tough fiberglass? (sorry, I know nothing about models)

  34. kaseimac says:


  35. sashievii says:

    Cool blog! Thanks for the awesome pics, have a safe journey :)

  36. risi says:

    This makes me want to just raep my overdraft get a ticket and get back over to Tokyo. I was there, on Odaiba this time last year, why didn’t they make it a year ago :(

  37. blur says:

    Wow.. As realistic as it gets..
    If the eyes light up all of a sudden.. it would either cause a whole lot of oggling or a whole lot of panic..

    Thanks for the cool pics!

  38. masliliks says:

    are you sure they don’t put any engine and computer inside this thing?


  39. Edward says:

    Thanks for taking all these picture for us to see.

    In the future, watermark your photos. ^^ Your hard work is all over the American and Japanese Internets. You are get very very little credit.

  40. Silver says:


    I agree with what edward said previously..

    put watermarks on your pictures for credit.

    more power to your blog!

  41. spacemans hairdo says:

    Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Thanks for sharing this…I’ll forward the link to my nephews. They’re gonna flip out!

    Congrats on seeing this in person. What an experience!

    Omedeto gozaimasu.

  43. julian3183 says:

    We’re not worthy(bow).. we’re not worthy(bow)… we’re not worthy!(bow)

  44. Tom Benedict says:

    I have to ask…

    Any idea if the kite flier was just flying the kite? Or were they using it to do a photo shoot of their own from the air? With a subject like that, an aerial photography session would be awesome. Japan has some outstanding kite aerial photographers.

    Seriously, thanks for sharing. When I saw the title of your article, I thought, “Yeah yeah…” I pulled it up, and the first picture of the head looked just like a model. “Yeah yeah…” Then the picture with the crane. “Oh… HOLY COW!”

    Excellent work!

  45. Tdsq says:

    awesome! Japan rocks!

  46. ariel wollinger says:

    I hope we live to someday see a real working fighting gundam.

  47. Wolfheinrich says:

    This is awesome coverage punynari, really blows me away. I wish I could make it to Japan to see this in person >.>; Awesome work punynari!

  48. Bigred2989 says:

    It’s….beautiful ;___;

    Now they just need to make a Zaku Statue to quell the Zeon fanatics.

  49. A Yasir says:

    Oh shit. So damned huge + tall! Credits + respect for you posting this one up! I wish they’ll keep it there forever and add more life – size Gundams around this one. Or make a life – size Gundam diorama! Aaaarrrrr!!!!!

  50. Granny says:

    That is quite possibly the SINGLE coolest thing I have ever seen…

    Nice one!

  51. djiespot says:

    Very historic photos,..Well Done!

  52. nuxme says:

    this is Awesome! Gundam! Gundam! FTW! haha. i wish it can really moves. haha.

  53. h4mster says:

    Nice pictures you got there! It’s impossible for me to go and see it by myself (since I don’t live in Japan) T.T So, many thanks to you man!

  54. Nicus says:

    I can’t belive!!!
    I missed the fully assembled Gundam for just one day!
    I was in Odaiba on june 7 and I saw only the legs …and now I’m 10000 km away :(

  55. pokute says:


  56. stiltz says:

    thanks for the photos man..
    its so cool..

  57. Someone says:

    Now THAT is awesome.

  58. Moe says:

    Should have done life size Gunbuster. :)

  59. eligio says:

    So big, if only this robot can move… this is the coolest thing on earth!!!

  60. Kisaki says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this is Heero’s Gundam?

    OMG it’s sooooo cool! >_<
    I want to go to Japan and see it!

  61. Thirty says:

    Here is a night time pic that I took tonight :

    • Jeremy says:

      OMG, I am so jealous. I want to see it so bad, just my luck that I get to be in tokyo airport for two hours in the beginning of August (En route to Sinpagore, coming from L.A.). If only I could catch another flight:(

  62. ChaunC says:

    I would love to see wing zero and any suits from Gundam wing or gundam 00

  63. Willyum says:

    They so should of done Gundam Wing with the Angle Wings xD

  64. bruin1996 says:

    Nice lifesize Gundam pics punynari and Thirty (that nighttime pic of the lifesize Gundam with lights is nice!) I just visited O-daiba last week with a tour (went to the Toyota Mega Web) but I totally missed seeing the lifesized Gundam. =( Thanks for all of these pictures.

  65. aphrael202 says:

    thanks for putting these pictures up…i have been anticipating and very excited to go to odaiba next week!

  66. Schein says:

    @Kisaki. . . noo. . . its Amuro’s Gundams. . . the Gundams Godfather. . .
    Darn. . . wish i could go there. . . T_T
    thanks for sharing punynary. . .

  67. milkcan says:

    I wish they had built that when I was living there. That’s when living in one of those overpriced Odaiba okusions would be sooo worth it. Imagine waking up every morning and watching Gundam from the balcony of your apartment while eating toast. So coooool.

  68. 日の出 says:

    This is Epic! RX-78 is the perfect choice… Thanks for the updates!

  69. Super_Geek says:

    that is so freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! wish I could see it!
    Thanks for posting these pics, both of you

  70. denart says:

    Damn! Thats crazy!!!!

  71. jinrepublik says:


  72. gusta says:

    do they really have to take it down?
    it could become one of japans most visited place…who doesnt want to travel there right now to see it?

  73. Cocoon says:

    Another cool pic. Night view Gundam

  74. leongsoon says:

    Thanks for the pictures punynari! I’m hoping to go see the statue personally, but don’t think I can make it in time. I can just hope they’re gonna move it somewhere else after August, not dismantle it and let the pieces collect dust in a warehouse.

    Thanks again for the pictures!

  75. c2_cn2 says:

    WOW! Freaken’ awesome! now, now… where’s the pilot?

  76. Jacob says:

    My God…m…ussst……. Hope it will be still there in August?!?! ありえない!

  77. Ravemaster27 says:

    This is so awesome sir! can i repost ot in my blog, i’ll link your blog to the article!

  78. Hiro says:

    The possibilities are indeed endless. I’d love to see something built in Malaysia – be it a Gundam, a Macross Valkyrie, or a Patlabor armour. Anyone has any idea how much the construction costs?

  79. ritchan says:

    OHSHI… I went to Odaiba 4 years too early!

  80. Otaku_Zim says:

    I wish I could see it in person, but thanks so much for the pics! Now all they need is a 1/1 scale Zaku II across the way looking back at our boy. ^_^

  81. punynari says:

    The fence around the RX-78-2 Gundam has finally been removed. Shame I couldn’t be in Japan for this. Here are some links of photos of the unobstructed Gundam and of it’s feet.
    Credit to Tokyobling for these photos. Love the dark one with the Japanese construction worker looking up. Gives you a real good idea of how huge this thing is.
    More on Akibatoday…

  82. Spengler says:

    A Daitarn III would be great too! Correct me, but it should be the tallest robot in anime (aside things like SDF1 I mean)

  83. Totozero18 says:

    Judging by the position of the right hand looks like a beam gun can fit there…

  84. Bong says:

    It’s unbelievable..

  85. Tom F says:

    Thank you so much!! i’m leaving for japan tomorrow and i will be heading straight from narita to Odaiba just for this amazing find and go pay my respect to the impending robot revolution.

  86. fearful says:

    They say they are taking it down after a 2 month display, but that is really just when they are going to get it fully operational and fly it around.

  87. Marian says:

    Oh just like the rest thank you thank you and very envious of you wow I am enjoying the pictures and just to even imagine being there again did I say thank you enough :-)

  88. PedangGila says:

    THANK YOU for the quality pictures. You’ve done a great job!

  89. J says:

    That is a 1/1 scale Gundam RX-78 ver One Year War.
    They shouldn’t take it down but rather relocate it and
    re-display it every year. It is iconic and very inspiring indeed. Better yet, just dis-assemble and re-assemble it in different locations around japan, or perhaps in tokyo where the buildings are. It is very symbolic.

    Ofcourse, they can make it walk once they perfected how small robots like Robovie or PLEN balance on different surfaces.

    Right now, it’s just that the difference in scale, weight and mass is very risky having it fall recklessly on unwary bystanders and establishments. Ofcourse if people see it walking they’d want to get near it as soon as possible.
    It is ofcourse the Legendary First Gundam RX78.

    Also, how can the body of that scale absorb the impact, if it falls, without damaging the RX78 body?
    The engineers will figure it out pretty soon.

    Before they can make that 1/1 scale RX-78 walk they first have to make 1/100 MG RX-78 One Year War walk and make different movements with arms and legs making sure that it has perfect balance and doesn’t fall recklessly.

  90. Gozatsu says:

    Wow, that’s great. i also have a picture of robot, Patlabor on a big size, it’s about 2,5 meter. Great Japan

  91. Snake says:

    whaaa I wanna ride and pilot it!!!

    Eva units cannot stand on thier own unless it is moving through it’s own muscles with some help from hydraulics, so iguess it will take them some time to think about it, unless they are willing to put some braces on :)

  92. Agumonkid says:

    they should make life sized wargreymon or omnimon on digimons 15th or 20th aniversery

  93. Finn says:

    Hi, these pictures are brilliant, thank u for sharing them with us! I’m SOOO jelous, would have loved to see it first hand but unable to go to japan due to work. thank u!!

  94. Casey says:

    To all those asking for alternate robots, other than the RX-78-2:

    My personal favorite Gundam unit is the RX-78 GP-01 Zephyrantes, and I think it looks like a more evolved image of Rx-78. However I understand why they chose the original Gundam, especially for the 30th Anniversary of the Original Series. (Original Series, original Gundam).

    Plus, the RX-78-2 is a cultural icon in Japan. It has it’s own stamps! No other robot is as iconic or as identifiable…

    That being said, I’d love to see the Arm Slave Arbalest, or the standard M9.

  95. Alex says:

    I have just one question. With that real life gundam, can it fly? I wish they have a picture of it flying.

  96. ignitionmode says:

    I think they are putting the 1/1 gundam again , in a diffrent place

    • punynari says:

      Yup, Shizuoka. I’m trying to figure out where in Shizuoka exactly so that I can see it one more time before I leave my duty station. :D

  97. leo says:

    if is this really work i think japan will be victorious if world war 3 will happen with those gundam units heheheh just kidding im no 1fan of these gundam iwant to becme i pilot heheheh lol

  98. moktare says:

    bénn bénnn :)

  99. allen says:

    love the pictures. It was hard to pick just one of these for my background of my computer! ugh…so many good choices :)

  100. punynari says:


    Sorry about the disappearance of images on my Assembled Gundam articles.
    In the early days of my blog, I chose to use the external image host tinypic and it seems they wanted to delete all of these images for some reason.

    When I get back to homeport, I’ll try and fix these articles but until then…

    Please enjoy these more recent Gundam visits here:

  101. […] we have to walk to a different building to take the Yurikamome line to Daiba station, thanks to Punynari-san’s detail instruction, we found our way around quite easily […]

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