Introducing Sakura-chan, Moé Passion Mascot

Like many of the blogs I follow such as Dannychoo, Akiba Blog, Meimi132 no Itonami, and Wasabi Express, and more; I’ve always wanted an original Mascot character. Someone who could represent the word moé, like loli Nanoha does. But be something that I created.

I can draw a bit but anime coloring is beyond my ability (and I don’t have Photoshop). Thankfully, the anime girl generator program came to the rescue. This program let’s you design your own mascot, while leaving the drawing and coloring to the program. In other words, like a doll. I just choose what features and colors she should have.

Introducting Sakura-chan.
Why Sakura? Sakura are the most beautiful sight I have seen in Japan so it’s fitting for my new mascot. Why chan? Chan is added to Japanese names to make them sound cute, or in Sakura’s case, also because of how young she is.
Sakura Smiling White Outfit
When I was designing Sakura, I had literally just finished Kodomo no Jikan. You can see a bit of my favorite character Rin Kokonoe in Sakura. I liked Rin’s positive, energetic, and outgoing attitude (yes, even her antics). Wanted some of that energy to transfer over to Sakura. The angel wings are for an added touch of innocence (which is opposite from Rin Kokonoe ^^;). I made her eyes blue because that’s the color I see whenever I go outside. Blue revives my inner spirit because most of the time I see depressing gray. Her hair is orange because I wanted a color that would stand out but at the same time, not be too distracting. Her facial features and attitude are meant to have all the cuteness Rin Kokonoe had without the….um adult side.
Sakura ^^ White Outfit
This smile really reminds me of Rin. Although, I would hope she is smiling for a different reason then Rin was. ^^;
Sakura Angry White Outfit
Sakura doesn’t always smile. She is human (mostly), and has emotions at times.
Sakura School Swimsuit
Here’s Sakura looking very shy to be in her school swimsuit. Don’t judge me. I know Sakura is going to appeal to folks with…certain tastes.
Sakura School Uniform
Sakura also looks good in a sailor suit school uniform. Like I was telling my brother, we had the sailor outfit first. So it’s school girls who look like sailors and not the other way around. ^^;
Sakura Casual Outfit
Sakura in a casual outfit. That’s all I got at the moment. Happy to have made Sakura (with help), I’m sure she is happy as well to meet you all. ^_^

7 comments on “Introducing Sakura-chan, Moé Passion Mascot

  1. Leonia says:

    Oh ! She is so cute ! Adorable ! I love ^^

  2. rockleelotus says:

    very cute mascot, super moe :3
    great design and color choice, love her different outfits and angel wings ^^

    • punynari says:

      Thanks! ^^

      Thought I’d mention my brother and I are already working on her “darker sister”. Should be interesting what we come up with. ..cough. ^_^

  3. meronpan says:

    awwww kawaii ^^ is there a fang option? for some reason i got a strong fang vibe from her ^^ errr nm, curiosity got the best of me mid-comment and downloaded the program ^^; couldn’t find a fang ;_;

    anyhow, yoroshiku ne, sakura-tan ^^

    • punynari says:

      Totally agree with the fang. Sadly the program is indeed limited and I’m having trouble making a fitting sister for her. When I get back to Japan, I’ll see if I can’t find any patches for this program. Would love some non-loli body types to work with as well.

      Overall though, I think she came out pretty cute with what I had to work with. :3

  4. Angela says:

    omg so cutee!! xDD
    i love her pink hair <3

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