Real Life Fate Stay Night Locations in Kobe

In addition to the life sized Tetsujin 28-go in Kobe, Japan. The bigger reason I wanted to go to Kobe is that it is the city in which the fictional city Fuyuki was based on. Fuyuki is the city that the anime and ero game “Fate Stay Night” is based.

This is the first anime pilgrimage that I made very seriously. I brought lots of reference shots from the game so that I could stand at the exact angle and produce the shots exactly as they appeared in the anime.

I have found the Japanese language site I used to gather references for this shoot once again. Looks like Shiro’s house is out there as well. I didn’t see it though…
Site I found game shots for the shoot here.
Fate Stay Night Fuyuki Bridge

This is the most famous shot that is supposedly seen in the game. I have yet to play the game but I recognized it instantly when I see people use it as a background for their Saber anime figure shoots.
This shot was taken repeatedly because the trick is to get the statue, part of the tree, and map in the right hand corner. On the left should be 3 trees and part of the 4th.
Fate Stay Night Fuyuki Bridge
Another shot that appeared as a background cg in the Fate Stay Night game. This one was tricky because not too much of the red bridge could be in the shot but also as little of the side walk should be showing as well.

People nearby thought I was nuts. Maybe I am but I feel closer to the anime characters by going on these little pilgrimages.

Second Take Fuyuki Fate Stay Bridge
I didn’t have the reference shot with me, but I remember in the Saber Portrait book that came out not too long ago she is shown on a bike with Fuyuki’s bridge in the background. Might not be 100% dead on. Actually, on the disjointed zone, you can see the shot I’m talking about in her review here. She actually much closer to the edge of the water then I remember. She’s practically on the guardrail.
Fuyuki Bridge Saber Spot Left
Now this one I do remember from the anime even though I saw it long ago. Saber was upset and ran away from home. Shiro finds her looking out from this spot on the bridge. It is also a background in the game.

The trick to getting this shot is to have the circle deck covering in the right hand corner in just the right spot from the bottom while at the same time being in the exact middle of the walkway. Also, it is considerably easier to get this shot with no one in it as the left side of the bridge is not as frequently traveled as the right side.
Right Side Fuyuki Bridge
The right side of the bridge is also in a game cg for Fate Stay Night but I can confirm that the circle deck covering that is supposed to be in the bottom left hand corner of the shot has been covered up. I tried to recreate the shot the best I could with the reference shots on hand.

By the way, seeing a foreigner taking so many random shots of a bridge made me look like a terrorist. Thankfully no one said any thing and just thought I was crazy. ^^;
Rin Tosaka's House
And lastly, we have Rin Tosaka’s house. Her house is located deep in Kobe’s old western district, Kitano-cho. My last Kobe article is a detailed look of Rin Tosaka’s house with directions.

Speaking of directions, this article needs some.
Fuyuki’s Bridge and Park

1.) From Shin Kobe station, take the Yamate Subway line one stop to Sannomiya station.
2.) At Sannomiya Station, follow the signs to the Port Liner. Buy a ticket for Naka Koen. You could also go with the Port Terminal station but I find it’s easier come from Naka Koen.
3.) At Naka Koen, do NOT go downstairs to the street. This area of Kobe really has no sidewalks on the ground at all I found out. There is an elevated side walk that goes across the road and into a park. Follow the signs towards the bridge.

Rin Tosaka’s House/Weathercock House
1.) Go out the central exit of Sannomiya Station and go in a northwesterly direction. You will see a bunch of restaurants on your left (like KFC). Cross the street and you’ll find a street that you need to stay on called Kitanozaka Street. Thanks to the kind Japanese lady who helped me find it.
2.) It is quite a walk. Almost in the hills you see in the distance. I got lost but eventually you will run into it. ^^; Speaking of which, I did not find the “road to the western district” that was in the Fate Stay Night game. Did find some other nice roads that would have worked just as well for cgs but that is in the next article.

Hope I helped at least one person who has the strange fascination with going to real life anime locations in Japan.

For full resolution pics of this article please visit the page here.

10 comments on “Real Life Fate Stay Night Locations in Kobe

  1. dans says:

    I just realized you live in Yokosuka. If you plan to do anime pilgrimage again, I will be interested in joining it. ^^

    • punynari says:

      Sounds fun. Was thinking of Kannagi next but I’m still waiting on some more English language information on how to get to the shrine.

  2. Blowfish says:

    Wow now thats what I call some true dedication.I actually didnt know that the City in Fate/Stay Night was based on real life locations.
    Didnt the Owner of the Tohsaka household say anything?Taking pictures of a bridge is one but of a house?
    Or are they frequently getting otaku tourists?

    • punynari says:

      See in your other comment that you saw that it’s a tourist oriented house. ^_-

      Some of the real life anime locations are sensitive subjects. Like public schools for instance. Can’t imagine how creepy it would look going up to a middle school and taking pics just because it was based on an anime location. Still, I see those pics end up online from those dedicated ninja photographers. :p

  3. Wolfheinrich says:

    This is really neat, I never thought that the FSN locations were based on R/L scene! I am enlightened yet again!

  4. spark90 says:

    What kind of camera do you use?

    • punynari says:

      Can’t get the exact specifics of my camera because of where I am and what I am doing but I can tell you that it is a Canon point-n-shoot 12.1 mp.

  5. Omochikaeri says:

    You helped me. :)

    I am going to Kobe but my primary plans are for the sake breweries. As a Fate fan, I can’t not go to at least one of these as well.

  6. Xen says:

    I just returned from my trip to Kobe. Went to Akashi to find Shiro’s house in the morning, then to Kitano-cho to find Rin’s house and the bridge in the evening (by that time it was almost dark so it was super cold. The sea breeze isn’t helping). I would say this was my best day in Japan. Feeling closer to the character, especially Rin, since she is my favourite. The trip to the bridge wasn’t easy, but totally worth it. Helped me to get away from all my troubles.

    Really thank you very much for your post. It helped me alot. Like, totally changed my experience in Japan. :)

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