WonFes 2010 Cosplay

The final part of LG’s coverage is a collection of cosplay pics from the 2010 Wonder Festival held in Tokyo yesterday. I had to work the day of the convention but thankfully one of my co-workers was kind enough to share all his photos with me once again.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, LG is much braver then I am to take such pics. I’m going to ask him to come along with me from now on whenever I go to a convention. ^_^
Rin Tosaka Cosplayer

First up is my favorite cosplayer that LG photographed. She is cosplaying Rin Tosaka and like Tosaka she is very cute. Zettai Ryouiki for the win!
Rin Tosaka Cosplayer 2
Adorable! She made a such a good choice choosing Tosaka-san.
Rin Tosaka Cosplayer 3
Haruhi 1
And a Haruhi cosplayer. She orders you. ^^
Haruhi wonders why you are not moving.
Haruhi 3
Now she’s pissed. ^^;
For mecha fans.
Glasses 1
Glasses 2
And a few for the guys who like cute girls with glasses. ^^
Evangelion Cosplay
I still haven’t seen the new Evangelion movie but I think this is the new character featured in the second one.
Asuka Test
And an Asuka cosplayer as well. She is wearing her test version of her plug suit…or so I’ve heard.
Cosplayer Sword
I guess they allow large weapon props at WonFes. Probably wouldn’t see that at Comiket.
Yoko 1
Yoko 2
Yoko 3
A Yoko cosplayer in unphotoshopped glory. Just watch where your eyes wander….

Speaking of which, some cosplayers wore some surprisingly daring outfits. Poor LG had trouble getting some pics of a few of the more sexy ones.
Sexy Cosplayer
Like this one. Her tops practically coming off and LG had to jump to get this shot as all the Otaku rushed to take pics of this cute girl.
Sexy Cosplayer
Sexy Cosplayer 2
Nya. ^^;
Macross Cosplay
Macross Cosplay 2
Some cute Macross Frontier cosplay.
Cosplayers 2
Reminds me of the cosplay Alodia did one time…
Nanoha Cosplay
Nanoha Cosplay 2
Some Nanoha, Fate, and Chronos cosplay.
LG even took pictures of the employees. Nice Reimu cosplay.

Well that’s all for LG’s WonFes 2010 coverage. Can’t believe I wrote all three article in one sitting. Gotta go!

Back to Part 1 (Figures) here.

Back to Part 2 (Garage Kits) here.

10 comments on “WonFes 2010 Cosplay

  1. lelangir says:


  2. yamada says:

    The new cast in Evangelion 2.0 is Makinami Mari. Haven’t watch it too.

  3. pus2meong says:

    The last pics, she’s Liquid Stone Employee. She holding Kadou Shoujo EX figure (Marisa).
    I’m planning on getting Kadou Shoujo EX: Reimu, because I don’t have the chance to get the Nendoroid version :D

  4. Tommy says:

    That Titans RX-178 gets my vote even if it’s not a cute girl!

  5. Tasunke says:

    Cool. Btw, the second Macross pic, the one with 5 characters. That’s not just Frontier. ^_^
    You also have Minmay from the original Macross in the center, and then to her right Mylene and Basara of Fire Bomber from Macross 7. I’d love to cosplay Basara! 「俺の歌を聞け!」 XD
    Wish I knew how they manage to get their hair to stand up like that w/o looking stiff. ^^;

  6. Tifa says:

    Wow!! great pics!! Do you have more from the girl in the Lilith cosplay? She’s extremly HOT!!

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