WonFes 2010 Figure Coverage Part 2

Continuing with part 2 of LG’s figure coverage of the Wonder Festival 2010 convention that was held in Tokyo yesterday. This time, the focus is on garage kits; as well as kit that were turned into mass produced figures.

LG is a coworker of mine who also works in radio on my US destroyer. He was kind enough to share his pics after he made the 2 hour trip to Makuhari Messe in Tokyo because I had duty (had to work yesterday). Hope you enjoy this set and maybe I can roll out the cosplay article before quarters if I hurry. ^^;
Touhou Figures 1

First up is a few pics of the Liquid Stone Touhou figures. Can see that they too are sold out. ToT
Touhou Figures 2
A rather like these Liquid Stone figures and would love to pick some up some day. I think they are sold on Ami Ami from time to time.
Garage Kits
A garage kit is a figure that you paint and assemble yourself. I never had the patience or skill to really get into these. LG says that many of these fully assembled figures were actually for sale.
Garage Kits
Some of these might have been in the adult section. They were actively checking IDs at the entrance LG told me.
Zange-chan in Yoko cosplay. <3
Touhou Kits
Some Touhou kits. The Sakuya looks rather nice. I’m still waiting for that ideal figure of her. All figures so far have been somewhat lacking in my opinion.
Cute Kits
Aria Kits
Oh my God! Aria Akari spotted. I wish LG got a close up of Akari and Sheryl.
Azunyan…..nya :3
Mio Maid
There were a lot of Mio figures at this convention and a good percentage of them were making heart shapes with their hands.
Azunyan and Yui
Azunyan with nekomimi in a school swimsuit doing the nyan pose. Lolitastic.
KOS-MOS bunny! ^^
Miku in odd colors
Miku Hatsune in various colors. They probably match the outfits in the Project DIVA game.
Tamaki Wedding
And lastly, this gorgeous Tamaki on her wedding day. Absolutely beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed part 2 as well of LG’s WonFes pics. Next up is a cute and sexy cosplay article from the WonFes 2010 convention. Think I just might be able to get it done before quarters. ^^;

Part 3 (Cosplay) here.

Back to Part 1 (Figures) here.

One comment on “WonFes 2010 Figure Coverage Part 2

  1. Steve says:

    I quite like that Canaan + Maria garage kit. Faces look slightly off but overall quite a nice pair.

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