Reitaisai 7 Touhou Cosplay Part 2

A continuation of my first experience photographing cosplayers at a convention. These are from the Touhou Reitaisai 7 convention that was held in the Tokyo Big Sight today. These talented girls really looked like they had fun posing and I enjoyed photographing them. Please enjoy the final part of my coverage.

As I said in the first part of my cosplay coverage, the more a girl knows the character and the amount of fun she is having effect how much I enjoy taking photos of her. Byakuren is Byakuren. She seriously had her poses down and her outfit is spot on. ^^
Byakuren 2
Byakuren 3
She’s very photogenic and I loved taking pictures of her.
Group Shot
A whole bunch of Touhou cosplayers got together for this group shot. ^^
Suika 2
Nice horns and the outfit is nicely done. The character is Suika.
Marisas 1
Marisas 2
Some cute Marisa cosplayers. At this convention, the Marisa cosplayers always seemed to be in pairs.
Sakuya Cosplayer 1
I kind of went photo crazy with this outstanding Sakuya cosplayer. She knew ALL of her poses and had some really cool blades.
Sakuya Cosplayer 2
Sakuya Cosplayer 3
I just had so much fun taking her photos. She was Sakuya to me at that moment. ^^
Youmu Cosplayer
Youmu Cosplayer 2
This Youmu cosplayer held this static pose, as if not blinking. She had quite a line to take her photo.
Chen Cosplayer
Cutest Chen cosplayer ever. So many people wanted to take her photo that her parents had to tell the line eventually that “that’s all”. ^^;
Tewi Cosplayer
Tewi and Nazrin Cosplayers
These adorable Tewi and Nazrin cosplayers were also quite popular. The guys in front of me were having them pose in ridiculously cute poses. Actually, the Chen cosplayer was asked to make the nya pose as well. Cuteness overload. ^^;
Keine Cosplayer
Keine Cosplayer 2
And lastly, a Keine cosplayer. After I took her photo, there was a bunch of screaming and running around. I thought it was a terrorist attack or somebody had died. An ambulance went into the Tokyo Big Sight and I saw a stretcher being loaded into into it. It looked like the body was covered with a blue tarp. I don’t know what happened but I was scared and lost my motivation to take any more photos. After the Akihabara massacre I didn’t want to see why they were yelling so much and decided to get out of there quick.
Reimu and Marisa
Photo from moe imouto for feed recognition.
I actually have the scene on video and was told that it was forbidden (crossed arms). If someone really did die or even committed suicide, I don’t think I should post it. Out of respect. I actually took the video as a reflex. Maybe I was born to be a reporter or journalist? Probably not. :p

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13 comments on “Reitaisai 7 Touhou Cosplay Part 2

  1. Tasunke says:

    Great pictures, thanks for taking them.
    Yeah, I think I would be a bit unnerved as well with screaming and an ambulance.
    Hope it’s nothing _too_ serious. o.o;

    • punynari says:

      Thank you and I hope so too. There were so many people in there and it got even more crowded when people were rushing to see what all the screaming was about.
      Basically, about 10 guys ran out of the crowded room screaming. And then an ambulance came a few minutes later. Someone likely was hurt or had major health problems at a minimum.

  2. additer says:

    Nice gallery…too bad that your photo-session ended up like it did. As a journalist [if you want to become that] curiosity will help much. I always took videos when something seems a bit out of ordinary. But of course, it’s good that you still have the respect for the suffering of others and you didn’t hurry to make that video public. As the user above me said – I’m hoping that it wasn’t something that bad.

    • punynari says:

      Yup, there’s that fine line between reporting news and exploiting a tragedy for hits/newspaper sells. I’m reminded of that newspaper that ran a photo of a dying marine when his parents specifically requested that the photo not be shown.

  3. additer says:

    I was also wondering if I can add you to my blogroll. I thought that I should ask nicely :P

  4. minipunynari says:

    That Suika cosplayer made my day. As you know she happens to be my al time favorite Touhou character. As for that incident at the end, you definatly made the right decision to get out of there. Even if there wasn’t a dangerous person that caused the incident, a large paniced crowd can cause just as many injuries. When in doubt find a exit.

    • punynari says:

      Glad you liked Suika. I thought you would. ^^

      You should play Touhou 11 and 12 too, I think you might find characters you like even more then Suika.

      Also, I know you gave up after playing the first time but you didn’t focus. To slow down your movement, hold shift. Also, the small hit box “dot” is what you have to keep from hitting the projectiles. You do have some room to graze (get right on the projectiles), so it just takes some practice. Don’t give up.

  5. SkatZ says:

    Nice blog you have here, might check in from time to time.

    As for the cosplay’s, I personally am a huge fan of Sakuya. And that Sakuya cosplay is somewhat breathtaking, despite some parts not fitting the original (colors, boots ect.) but all in all, very nice.

    • punynari says:

      Thanks. :D

      Sakuya was one of the ones that stood out to me. She was just so much fun to take photos of because she had not only the costume down so well but she also got really into the poses.

      Byakuren was another one in this part that was especially fun to photograph.

      Hope I can do this again sometime soon. ^^

  6. Kael-Kun says:

    Though I kinda wish they added the purple gradient on the top of her head. Oh well. I guess she’s great as she is anyways.

  7. Kael-Kun says:

    Oh, she did have a slight amount of purple on top of her head, I somehow missed that, nevermind~!

  8. Timmy says:

    I want that bag next to Suika *drools*
    Great photos! Some people are just so fitting to the characters.

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