Verny Park Yokosuka European Rose Garden

Directly across from Yokosuka Naval base is a really nice waterfront park that really comes alive during the month of May where it becomes a beautiful European-style rose garden. It was purposely made in plain view of the Yokosuka Naval Ships and as a setting that looks like it came right out of France in order to honor François Léonce Verny; a French man who helped to modernize Japan and who built Yokosuka’s Naval Arsenal.
Verny Park Opener

Just about every foreigner in Verny Park is from the base so I looked absolutely bizarre doing an involved photoshoot in the rose garden. Most foreigners from the base just don’t take pictures of the park (even during cherry blossom season ^^;). The Japanese, however, were out in force and with expensive cameras.
Verny Park
Verny Park 2
Verny Park 3
What inspired me to write about Verny Park? I mean, I see it just about every day.

I went into photographer mode because the park reminded me of home. My Grandpa is a gardener and prides himself with his rose garden which also looks amazing in May. Growing up, whenever I went to my Grandpa’s house, I would play in the yard around his rose garden.

I guess you could say, that it was like taking a brief return home with every photo I took….
Rose 1
Rose 2
Rose 3
There were many roses of all different colors in Verny Park. In fact, I’ve never seen so many different varieties of roses in one place before.
Verny Park Roses
This is my favorite shot of the shoot and the most beautiful area of the park.

After taking this photo, a Japanese said to me “They’re beautiful aren’t they?” in Japanese. I understood him and replied in Japanese unconsciously. I think I’ve been here for a good while. ^^;
White Roses
Roses 3
They were indeed beautiful…..

Even though I’ve been here so long, this is the first time I’ve taken a moment to capture the park on camera. I guess, aside from reminding me of home, it’s also because I’ll miss Japan as well.

When I’m 50 years old, I’ll look back at these photos and will remember what it was like when I was stationed here way back in 2007-2010.

I think it’s important to take photos of the things and places that are important to us because you never know when they may be gone or you will have to leave for good.
Verny Park Final
I hope you enjoyed my Verny Park photo-walk during the spring time even though it kind of turned into something more self reflective then as a formal article. Still it is a rather nice place to visit if you are also visiting the nearby island Sarushima or the Battleship Mikasa.

From Shinagawa station, take the JR Yokosuka Line to JR Yokosuka station. You will probably have to change trains in Zushi for a train going all the way to Kurihama. As soon as you step outside JR Yokosuka station, you are practically at the entrance to Verny Park

Also, the first place winner in my second mascot contest, Kenneos illustrated a gorgeous Sakura-chan illustration holding roses on a windy day. What an amazing coincidence!

I did not tell her that I was going doing a rose related article today and wasn’t expecting this beautiful illustration so quickly. Thanks again Kenneos. You are a wonderful artist!
Sakura with Rose by Kenneos
Sakura-chan with roses by Kenneos for

9 comments on “Verny Park Yokosuka European Rose Garden

  1. jr51970 says:

    Hi Andy,

    It’s mom. Incredible shots, just breath taking photos! Great job, the flowers are so beautiful. Though I know I’ll probably never go to Japan, thanks for bringing us a small part through your fantastic photos!

    Love you,


  2. Okazaki-san says:

    Wow,that’s a beautiful illustration.

  3. Katsu says:

    I hope one day I’ll see all those wonderful places in Japan with my own eyes…

    You’ve got a great blog! From now on, you can count me among your regular readers and followers… and don’t forget to say thanks to Vithae-chan from Kenneos, she’s promoting you so enthusiastically! ^_-

    • punynari says:

      Thank you and welcome! :D

      Also, I’m very greatful for Vithae’s kind words and promotion about my Japan and figure photo blog. She’s a really nice person.

  4. laniemon says:

    Thanks for the pics. Definitely pretty, I reckon. Kinda remind me of a place in New Zealand I’ve been to.

  5. Jenn Sia says:

    i came across to your blog page while searching for a pictures to post on my wall on facebook for the photographers that wanted to shoot this sun.05/19/2012 and i love it we’re about to leave japan in a couple more month to be back in the states

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