Tokyo Doll Show 29 Part 1

Today was a good day. I was lucky enough to catch a tweet about Tokyo’s 29th Doll Show being held in Hamamatsucho today. I was going to start my Clannad anime pilgrimage but this was my last chance to visit the Tokyo Doll Show before I am stationed elsewhere in the world. The last time I went to the doll show, I was amazed by the level of attention and care that Tokyo’s doll owners give their “daughters”. This time was no different. Tokyo’s doll owners love their dolls. Please enjoy the first part of my visit to Tokyo’s 29th Doll Show.
Doll Show Book

When you go to the Tokyo Doll Show, they will give you a book (this time with a cute loli ^^;) which is your admission to all 5 floors of the Tokyo Trade Center (costs 1,000 yen). To find this ordinary looking building, go out the north exit of JR Hamamatsucho station and turn right. It’s a bit of ways past where the Pokemon center is (on the right hand side).
Reimu Dollfie Dream
Reimu Dollfie Dream 2
This first doll I saw on the 2nd deck was none other the Reimu Hakurei from the Touhou series. I am pretty sure that this is not the official Volks version that is due to come out but a custom. I could very well be wrong.

Throughout this article, I’ll try to name the dolls and characters I see but I am by no means an expert on dolls. Feel free to correct me in the comments!
Miku and Luka DD 1
Miku and Luka DD 2
These two custom Dollfie Dreams are of the Vocaloids Miku and Luka. Miku has quite an expressive face!

For those not into dolls, a Dollfie Dream is a 60 cm vinyl doll that can be heavily customized. You can change out their eyes, heads, and pretty much everything else. The drawback to these dolls is that they are prone to staining if exposed to unwashed dark colors for prolonged periods of time. Plus, they are expensive and average over 60,000 yen a doll. I own 5 of them. ^^;;
Rin DD 1
Rin DD 2
This sexy doll is Rin Tosaka I believe?
Nurse DD
Cute DD
Moe and Natsuki DD
At this Doll Show, like last time, the folks visiting were an even split of male and female. But, this time, that actual Dollfie Dream owners were largely male. The females seemed to be into primarily the smaller dolls (Blythes and whatnot) and the male dolls (I guess that makes sense).

Personally, I don’t see a problem with guys collecting dolls, especially if they are based on cute girls from games and animes. I guess I have an open mind though. ^^;;
Cute DD 2
Yui DD
The doll with the guitar is Yui, an extremely popular character from the anime K-ON! Later on, the owner of Yui gave her some glasses. I couldn’t get a picture of glasses Yui because of how many folks were crowding her. The power of Yui. ^^;
Kanaria SD
Kanaria SD 2
By far, my favorite doll of the entire show were the Rozen Maiden Super Dollfies. This particular one is of the character Kanaria from the doll based anime “Rozen Maiden”.

I believe this is a custom even though it looks so professional.
Suiseiseki and Souseiseki SD 1
Suiseiseki and Souseiseki SD 2
These two are of the Rozen Maiden characters Suiseiseki and Souseiseki. These are official releases by Volks but will run you over 200,000 yen a piece in the secondary market. ^^;;
Suigintou and Barasuishou SD
Yes, this guy also had Suigintou and Barasuishou Rozen Maiden Super Dollfies!

Talk about dedication. Even his personal appearance looked like Rozen. ^_^

He was a nice guy though and he let me take a ton of pictures of his Godly dolls.
Barasuishou SD
Barasuishou SD 2
So….cool! I would absolutely love to have a Barasuishou Super Dollfie of my own.
I believe she is a custom though (although extremely well made).
Saber Alter
This Saber Alter probably had the best hair in the show. She looks lolitastic with that outfit. ^^;
Nanoha DD
Yes, we need an official StrikerS Hayate Dollfie Dream. ^^;
Misuzu Doll 1
Misuzu Doll 2
This doll is of Misuzu from the anime Air (one of my favorite animes). I’d like to see an official Dollfie Dream of Misuzu as well. ^^
Mari 1
Mari 2
This Dollfie Dream is of the new Evangelion character known as Mari. Getting a shot of Mari was difficult (she’s so popular!).
Dollfie Dreams
Dollfie Dream Vivio
I think this might be Vivio from Nanoha StrikerS. I could be wrong though. Either way, she’s super cute! :3
Dollfie Dream Closer
Well, I hope you enjoyed the pics from my quickly made Tokyo Doll Show 29 coverage article. This is only part 1. Please look forward to part 2 (I’ll try and get out tonight if I can).

On to Part 2 of Tokyo Doll Show 29 Coverage

7 comments on “Tokyo Doll Show 29 Part 1

  1. >///< Just want hug them!!!

    One of this years you have to be there with one custom sakura!!! YAY!

    • punynari says:

      I actually had the thought cross my mind actually. Nothing serious really, but I’d love to make my own custom Sakura-chan Dollfie Dream someday.
      Well, that and have a nendoroid/figma version like Danny Choo’s mascots will eventually have.

      • i’m working right now in a version of Vithae Chan and eltheras chan in nendoroid petit, and also trying to get cheap figma and nendoroid to make also a custom of them.^^

        I will show whent i finish it!

        But one of sakura chan will be really lovely >///< That's why to told you!

      • punynari says:

        Looking forward to how Vithae and Eltheras come out. Should be really cute! :3

  2. Cute dolls are cute.
    But those doll-joints are always bothering me tho… (^^;

  3. elay03 says:

    nice doll show !! :D

  4. Misa Misa Gmizore says:

    Those Vocaloid ones are sooooo kawaii! Quite accurate to the original characters. :)

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