Kawela Bay

Recently, I have been pretty much swamped with work but I still managed to make it out for a small hike at Kawela Bay. Actually, maybe it is better classified as a “walk”. Kawela Bay is one of the most isolated and beautiful beaches that Oahu has to offer. Please enjoy my photowalk along flower lined white sand beaches, through dark forests, and to a lone WWII bunker as I explore Kawela Bay.
Kawela Bay with Bunker 1

Kawela Bay can be reached a number of ways. Today, I chose to access it from Kam Highway.

I was expecting to have to trespass here but thankfully the trespassing signs were gone. All that’s there now is a sign warning you that you are at your own risk should you choose to explore back there. (:
Trail head Sign
After passing the warning sign, I set off on one of the many trails that the Turtle Bay Resort utilizes. The bay is only a short walk from Kam but you can’t see it from the road because it’s surrounded by dark forests.
Kawela Bay
Kawela Bay was gorgeous and the waters were calm.

My primary mission was actually not the bay itself but to photograph the WWII bunker. I looked along the coast but couldn’t see it so I set off to scout out the area.
Jungle Path
Walking along the beach was rough in spots because of the high water so I made my way through the dark forest. Some areas were kind of dense but I was able to find some passable areas with some difficulty.
Palm Trees Up High
As I walked, palm trees swayed high in the sky. Along the path were coconuts and a nice breeze was blowing…..paradise. (:
Trail to Bunker
After a while, I found a path heading towards the east side of Kawela Bay so I hurried on.
Pole at Bay
Near the point, I saw a pole on the side of the bay. I wonder if it was also from the WWII time period. I believe that there used to be airfield not too far from here (now Turtle Bay golf course).
After a short walk, I made it to the tiny World War II pillbox at Kawela Bay. It’s pretty neat.

I love finding little reminders of Oahu’s past even if they are sometimes hard to spot. It makes the past feel not so long ago. Or rather, it feels more real when you can actually see and touch it. (:
Inside Bunker
A view of the inside. It looks freshly painted.
Bunker View Towards Turtle Bay
To the east is the Turtle Bay Resort. Currently, they are using Kawela Bay and the coastline as a horse and hiking trail network. The area is still accessible to ordinary folk like us however. In fact, I heard all beaches in Hawaii are public by law (but don’t quote me on that). lol

In any case, I really enjoyed my time here. (:
Kawela Bay Point
For a while, I looked out at the “point” and soaked in the beautiful views.
It was an extraordinarily beautiful day today. What a perfect time to go to the beach! (:
Horse Trail
After seeing the bunker, I passed a few horses from the Turtle Bay Resort as I made my way back to the trail head.
Cement Pipes
Along the way, I would see odd cement pillars and pipe laying in the woods. I’m not sure what they were for….
Flower at Kawela Bay
Eventually, I made it back to the bay and was surprised to see so many flowers.
Flower 2
Not sure what kind of flowers these are but they were very pretty.
Walking in Water
In order to get most of the flower shots, I had to walk in the water.
My poor shoes get put through so much trauma. lol =p
Spooky Forest 1
Towards the trail head, there is a spooky looking forest with massive trees. It was so cool walking through here.

Apparently, the TV show “LOST” was filmed in this forest. I wouldn’t know though because I don’t watch television. ^^;
Spooky Forest 2
Another reason this area is spooky is because the forest supposedly contains many ancient Hawaiian burial grounds. I heard that is actually one of the primary reasons that we can enjoy Kawela Bay today.

You see, Kawela Bay was in danger from being developed at one point. I heard folks were trying to build even more hotels and rooms right over the burial grounds. If that ever happened, it would be an awful shame.

The last thing North Shore needs is to become Waikiki (with all it’s traffic and noise).

Keep the country COUNTRY! (:
After passing some murky water, I saw some light coming from just around the bend.
Beach Spot
At the end of the trail is my favorite spot to sit on the beach. It’s away from the few tourists that were there and it’s not too close to the water.
I sat on my backpack for a while and just took sometime to enjoy myself. I go to so many places but I feel like I don’t take very much time to enjoy the places I hike to. lol ^^;

Sometimes it’s nice to smell the roses once in a while.
Old Houses
As I sat, to the left were some very old houses. I heard the oldest house in North Shore is actually at Kawela Bay. Also, my local friend told me today that there is a pond near those houses. Maybe I’ll check it out someday.
Kahuku Land Farms
After my little walk, I stopped at the Kahuku Land Farms fruit stand. They have so many good things here that I will have to make it a habit to stop there. They even had deep fried bananas. ^^;

Kawela Bay FIN
Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little “hike” around Kawela Bay. It was very enjoyable and I hope that many generations can continue to visit this sacred and special place.

Till next time.

6 comments on “Kawela Bay

  1. Tom says:

    if only I could live there for the rest of my life..

  2. Richard says:

    Where can the actual start point of the trail be found? I’d like to check it out some time.

    • punynari says:

      Hi Richard. The trail to Kawela Bay can be started 3 ways.
      1.) Along Kam Highway, opposite the Kahuku Land Farms fruit stand.
      2.) From the Turtle Bay Resort, by walking west along the beach. There are visitors spots, though you might have to ask for a beach pass.
      3.) From Kahuku Point (the longest option)
      Have fun!

  3. John D. Bennett says:

    You da best. Keep up the good work!

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