Unlimited Blade Works Anime Pilgrimage

After watching the movie “Unlimited Blade Works”, I was inspired to complete my Fate Stay Night anime pilgrimage. Well, at least as much as I could. The anime and eroge Fate Stay Night is based on several real life locations throughout Japan. In addition, the journey to the fictional Fuyuki city has brought me to an original 16th century castle. So, without further adieu, please enjoy my walk through Rin Tohsaka’s hometown (and Akashi Castle).
Yugyoji Temple
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Hikone Castle

Last weekend, my primary reason for going to the Hikone area was actually it’s castle. Hikone Castle is an original 16th century castle situated near the shores of Lake Biwa. It is also one of only 12 original castles still standing in Japan. So far I only seen three of the twelve but I hope to add to those numbers before I leave Japan. Please enjoy my photo-walk around Hikone-jo; near the crashing waves of Lake Biwa.
Hikone Castle Opener
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K-ON! School Anime Pilgrimage Part 2

In the second part of my K-ON! school anime pilgrimage article, I cover a bit more of the fan produced side while adding a few more shots of the school that appeared in the anime. K-ON! is a popular anime in both Japan and America and focuses on the everyday interactions of a group of high school girls who had formed a music club. The school that was used as a model for the K-ON! anime is the Toyosato Elementary School; a very old school not far from Hikone. Please enjoy my final part of my second K-ON anime pilgrimage.
K-ON Cast Opening Image
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K-ON! School Anime Pilgrimage Part 1

Today, I was out and about the Nagoya/Hikone area when I remembered that the school that was used as a model for the anime K-ON! was actually close by. I decided to go a bit out of my way to the country town of Toyosato to check it out. When I got there, not only was the Toyosato Elementary School dead on accurate to the anime, but the school itself has become an extremely popular mecha for anime fans. Please enjoy part 1 of my pilgrimage to the K-ON! school and the club room where Mio, Ritsu, Yui, Azusa, and Mugi “practice” to better their music abilities.
Full Shot K-ON School
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The 1000th Summer – An Air Anime Pilgrimage

The fishing village of Kasumi (now known as Kami) is an extremely rural city set along beautiful coast lines along the Sea of Japan. The city is most known as being the setting of the popular Anime and Visual Novel known as “Air”. Air is my second favorite anime of all time and making the journey to the northern Japan coasts (not far from Tottori) has always been in my list of things to do. Making an anime pilgrimage to Kasumi is not easy though. There is very little information on the net about Kasumi and it is about 7 hours away from Yokosuka. ^^;

Hopefully, after this article, this journey will be quite a bit easier for Air fans. Please enjoy my journey to Misuzu’s hometown of Kasumi, Japan.
Kami Clouds
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Fushimi Inari Shrine – To Another World

The Fushimi Inari Shrine is the head shrine of the Inari and is located on a large mountain in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. It is famous for it’s countless torii which line the paths up the mountain as well as for it’s mystic atmosphere that make you forget that you are in the modern world. Please enjoy my photo-walk to the land of the Inari Gods and to my favorite place in Kyoto.
Land of the Gods
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Kyoto Shimogamo Shrine

During my recent K-ON anime pilgrimage, I managed to find time to visit one of the two Kamo shrines of northern Kyoto. The Shimogamo Shrine is a World Heritage Site that was founded before Kyoto became the capital of Japan in 794. The shrine impressed me with it’s beautiful forests as well as it’s harmony with nature.
Shimogamo Opening Image
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