Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Museum

It’s that time. If you have been following my twitter, you know already but this is my last day in Japan. I had previously been stationed in Yokosuka for a three year tour. Now that my time is served, it is time to move on to my next duty station in Hawaii. But before I depart, I wanted to make one last Japan photo walk for old times sake. Ironically, the place I chose was also the very first place I went when I first got here in 2007. Akihabara (Akiba for short) is my favorite district in Tokyo and I’m going to miss it especially. Please enjoy my final Japan photo article as I cover the “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha museum”, “Gundam cafe”, and other oddities that come with Japan’s Otaku paradise.
Nanoha The Movie
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Tama Hills Arsenal

Finally found Tama Hills on the second try. Tama Hills is a US Air Force recreational facility located west of Tokyo. Primarily, it’s purpose is for religious retreats, golfing, and camping for folks stationed at the nearby Yokota Air Base. However, amongst the easy going atmosphere lies the ruins of a massive World War II munitions storage and manufacturing facility that was used by the Imperial Japanese army since 1938. Please enjoy my photo-walk through the largely intact Tama Hills Arsenal.
Tama Hills WWII Bunker
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Ita G Festa 2010 Part 4

The final part to my Ita G Festa 2010 coverage. Ita G Festa is a car convention in Odaiba, Tokyo that focuses on anime themed cars (called itasha in Japanese). Throughout all four parts of my article, hopefully you have seen the creativity, artistic talent, and dedication of the Japanese itasha enthusiasts. The fourth and final article covers itashas from many of the most popular animes today.
Misaka Mikoto Itasha Opener
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Ita G Festa 2010 Part 3

Continuing my Ita G Festa 2010 coverage, we take a look at the suggestive and sexy itashas based off of Japan eroge primarily. It’s important to note that not all cars in this part are from eroge (adult anime games) and all are safe for work. By the way, in case you are unfamiliar, an itasha is an anime decorated car that is popularly seen at anime conventions. At Ita G Festa that was held in Odaiba, I got to check out hundreds of itasha. Hopefully, my articles will give you a good idea of what kind of cars they had at Ita G Festa.
Da Capo II Opener
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Ita G Festa 2010 Part 2

Continuing my Ita G Festa 2010 coverage, we take a look at the Touhou and Vocaloid related itashas. An itasha is an anime decorated car that is popularly seen at anime conventions and in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. At Ita G Festa, I got to get a good look at many of these cars. The convention took place today in Odaiba and it featured hundreds of decorative anime and game related rides. Hopefully my articles will give a good idea of the artistic quality, hard work, and creativity the Japanese put into their anime themed cars.
Tewi Itasha
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Ita G Festa 2010 Part 1

Today, I went from Tachikawa to Odaiba to take a look at the massive itasha show that I heard about on twitter. This convention/car show is called Ita G Festa and it’s purpose is to allow folks to show off their powerful engines and sharp looks of their vehicles……only one thing, these are not normal cars. An “itasha” (means “pain mobile”) is a car, bike, motorcycle, or other vehicle with lots of anime and game stickers, themes, and paint jobs. I see them occasionally at conventions but this is the first time I’ve seen so many of them in one place. In part 1, I will take a look at my absolute favorite itashas of the Ita G Festa 2010 show. Please enjoy!
Alice Car Close Up Opener
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Clannad Anime Pilgrimage

Like Air and Kanon, Clannad is another Key/Kyoto Animation anime that is heavily inspired by real life locations in Japan. Being the completest and Key fanatic I am, I had to make a Clannad anime pilgrimage article as well. The only thing is, Clannad is one of the most difficult anime journeys to make. Several of Clannad’s locations are spread throughout Japan from Osaka to the tip of Tohoku. This journey is to just a few of the most well known and accessible locations in Japan that are seen in Clannad TV and Clannad After Story. Please enjoy my photowalk in the bittersweet city of Mizuho, Japan: home of many memories….good and bad…
Clannad Path to School
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