Hawaii Links
808 Goonies
Another Hawaiian adventure blog. They frequent off the beaten path places.
Aloha From 808
A wonderful Hawaiian hiking blog which has some outstanding photos.
Exploration Hawaii
A wonderful Hawaiian adventure blog that I frequent. One of my favorites!
HikeOneHikeAll Hawaii
A handy Hawaiian adventure blog. Good directions.
Hiking in Paradise
A good Hawaiian hiking blog ran by a friendly hiker. Also, it has diving articles.
Island Trails
A popular Hawaiian adventure blog. Sparse with directions in most articles.
Unreal Hawaii
Another popular Hawaiian adventure blog. Large pictures. There are some bouldering articles as well.
Scotty’s Stuff
Another Hawaiian hiking blog. Nice pictures!
Hawaiianforest by Nathan Yuen
A wonderful Hawaiian hiking blog that I frequent. Updated often.
Wai’anae Steve’s Hiking Page
A Waianae based hiker who specializes in the exploration of very “off the beaten path” locations.
Not So Great Hiking Blog
A blog that is the opposite of it’s name. A very handy resource with good pictures!
DGC’s Hawaii Hiking Tales
A very enjoyable hiking blog. His youtube hiking videos are my favorites.

Japan Links
How a Girl Figures
A popular anime figure review site ran by a woman.
Kenneos Blog
A blog ran by a talented anime artist. She does commissions.
Kenneos Deviantart
A popular anime artist and illustrator for many of my mascot artworks. Check out her site!
Maridah’s Cosplay Blog
Maridah’s “the Living Saber” Cosplay Blog. She’s cute and makes accurate costumes. :3
Matteas’ Blog Animeraku
An anime blog. Also likes 2D girls.
Mikatan’s Blog
A blog providing a first glimpse of Good Smile’s anime figure products.
Moe Moe Rabu Blog
An old friend. He is an Australian anime fan around my same age.
Puppy52 (Chun’s) Art Blog
Another popular anime artist. She has some cute cats as well.
Radiant Dreamer
The artist who illustrated my current avatar. I check his blog regularly.
An old friend who I met when doing a figure photoshoot in Yokohama, Japan.
Wolfheinrich’s Blog
A blog specializing in mostly Dollfie Dreams.

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