Kyoto K-ON Anime Pilgrimage

In episode 4 of the second season of K-ON, the girls take a school trip to Kyoto and visit some unusual places. This episode continues to be my favorite of the series so far because it struck home with me. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I travel A LOT and that I will try to visit real life places in Japan that I see in my favorite animes. By visiting the actual location, I feel closer to the characters because I now have a shared experience with them. Please enjoy my search for the K-ON locations that our favorite tea drinking music club visited on their trip to Kyoto.
Animated Kyoto Sign
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Ancient Kamakura

Kamakura is my favorite city to explore because it still has an atmosphere of ancient Japan (without being overrun by tourism). Many times, I will just go walking with no particular destination in mind and will run into the most unexpected sights. Yesterday, I did just that for the first part of the day. Please enjoy part one of my walk through ancient Kamakura.
Jufukuji Temple 1
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Verny Park Yokosuka European Rose Garden

Directly across from Yokosuka Naval base is a really nice waterfront park that really comes alive during the month of May where it becomes a beautiful European-style rose garden. It was purposely made in plain view of the Yokosuka Naval Ships and as a setting that looks like it came right out of France in order to honor François Léonce Verny; a French man who helped to modernize Japan and who built Yokosuka’s Naval Arsenal.
Verny Park Opener
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Kamakura Yagura

If you’ve spend as much time in Kamakura as I have, you are bound to run into a yagura from time to time. A Kamakura yagura is a artificial tomb dug into the rocky cliff sides and they date back to when the city was the capital of Japan. I’ve actually been wanting to explore the other side of Kamakura for a while now. Far from the tourists and tour buses, there are old forests and hills that contain a bit of a reminder of Kamakura’s medieval past and of the samurai.
Famous Yagura
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Evangelion Pilgrimage Part 1

Evangelion was the first anime I have ever watched and till this day, it remains my favorite anime of all time. So, naturally, when I heard Tokyo 3 was based in the Hakone area I decided to undertake the daunting Evangelion anime pilgrimage a bit at a time. This first venture covers a few of the areas that Shinji went to when he was contemplating leaving Tokyo 3 and his job at Nerv.

Evangelion Pilgrimage Opener

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Kurihama Flower World and Godzilla

During the spring, the Japanese city of Kurihama has a series of hills which are famous for their countless poppies as well as for their Godzilla statue. If you want to go back to your country and say you have seen Godzilla in Japan, then Kurihama is the place to go! ^^;

After my “test of guts” in Jogashima, It was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to go to the base just yet. I have long heard about the Kurihama Flower World but I had no idea what to expect.
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Sarushima Island Exploration

Sarushima Island, also known as Monkey Island, is a little known island located approximately 1.7 km from the coast of Yokosuka, Japan. It is the only natural island remaining in Tokyo Bay and had previously been a fortress during the Edo, Meiji, and Showa periods. Please enjoy my exploration of the war ruins and beautiful coasts of Sarushima island.
Sarushima Island Full
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