Yasukuni Shrine

I have always been somewhat fascinated with World War II and with the military in general so I was bound to pay Yasukuni Shrine a visit someday. Yasukuni shrine is the most controversial shrine in Japan because it houses the spirits of the Japanese who died fighting for the Emperor (including convicted war criminals). The shrine is not only to be visited for it’s unique kami (spirits) but also for the outstanding World War II museum that house many Japanese military artifacts, weapons, and even a few planes.
Yasukuni Shrine Opener
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2009 Underway Memories

Felt I needed to take a moment and record some of my sights and experiences of my summer underway before I forget them. Like a journal (or diary). I am told that I am an old soul so forgetting what all happened is quite possible for me. Let’s take a look at what I saw during my journey around half of the world (felt like that).
Sydney Opera House
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